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Top 10 Richest persons of Last 1000 Years

/ January 19, 2017

5) Mir Osman Ali Khan – Net worth: $230 billion (sub-continent)

Top 10 richest persons

Mir Osman Ali Khan is one of the wealthiest persons the world knows, without any doubt. He has secured 5th position in the list of  Top 10 richest persons of last 1000 Years. As the ruler of Hyderabad his fortune at that time is equal to $ 230 billion. He is the last nizam of Hyderabad and the wealthiest person in (1930-1940). At that time his wealth was equal to 2% of the entire American economy. The most interesting fact is that he was using a £ 50 million ostrich-egg sized diamond as a paperweight. He had a fleet of 50 Rolls Royce cars, which included a Barker-Coach built Rolls Royce Silver Ghost acquired in 1912. He owns the fifth largest diamond, Jacob diamond. He also has the collection of precious pearls and there quantity can fill the whole Olympic size pool.

6) Jakob Fugger – Net worth: $221 billion (Germany)

Top 10 richest persons
A relatively confused historical figure compared to many other members of the Top 10 richest persons of last 1000 Years list, Jakob Fugger nonetheless was able to built a fortune of $221 billion through his merchant and banking activities. The Fugger fortune was made through textile trading in Italy mostly, He also owns the mines of silver and gold in Hungary and Bohemia. He was the most richest person of 16th century.