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Top 10 Richest NBA Players

, , / December 4, 2015

Sports pays big and especially professional basketball. An NBA career can amount to a big paycheck every season, not to forget the multitude of endorsements, huge fan base and celebrity appearances.

The NBA is therefore a mutually beneficial relationship for both the players and the team owners.

The following is a list of the top 10 richest NBA players, based on Celebrity Net Worth’s evaluation.

10) Carmelo Anthony ($80 Million)

Current Team: New York Knicks
Total Career Earnings: $135,865,275

Carmelo Anthony was born in Brooklyn and is a professional basketball player, with $80 million dollars as his net worth. He was born on the 29th May 1984 in Red Hook, New York.

He is a 5 time NBA All-Star and has also played for the US in the Olympics during the years 2004, 2008 as well as 2012.

Carmelo Anthony

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=8) Steve Nash ($95 Million)

Current Team: Los Angeles Lakers
Total Career Earnings: $137,235,620

Steve Nash, a Canadian professional basketball player, has a net worth of $95 million . One of the oldest (age 40) players still playing in the NBA. He was born in South Africa and when he was eighteen months old, his family moved to Canada.

While attending a private boarding school he became the school’s star basketball player and this earned him admission to Santa Clara university in California. He is a two time NBA Most Valuable Player as well as an eight time NBA all star.

Steve Nash

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