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Top 10 Poorest Cities in America of 2015

/ September 24, 2015

8) El Paso, Texas

Around 22.7 percent of the population of El Paso (660,795) has a bachelor’s degree. Only 74 percent of the city’s residents aged 25 and older has a high school degree or is equivalent; the national average is 85 percent. Education and low wages are two of the major challenges faced by this west Texan city. Income of around 30.7 percent of the population is less than $25,000; only around 5.2 percent make more than $150,000.

El Paso, Texas

7) Fresno, California

Fresno is the fifth-largest city in California. Many people in this city depend on agriculture sector jobs and low-paying farm work. The opportunity to earn better wages is really skewed. Farm owners earn much more than farm workers. Around 31.4 percent of the population (500,819) earns less than $25,000; only around 6.1 percent earn more than $150,000.

Fresno, California