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Top 10 Most Valuable MLB Teams 2015

, / April 25, 2015

2) Los Angeles Dodgers (Team value: $2.4 billion)

The Los Angeles Dodgers earned a revenue of $403 million and incurred an operating loss of $12.2 million. This team’s $8.35 billion, 25-year TV deal with Time Warner Cable has fueled the richest payroll in the game.

Keith Allison via

Keith Allison via

1) New York Yankees (Team value: $3.2 billion)

The New York Yankees is the most valuable MLB team. Despite missing the postseason for the second consecutive year, the team posted a record revenue of $508 million. This is partly due to robust ballpark and merchandise sales by Derek Jeter’s last season. The team’s operating income was $8.1 million.

If today MLB traded on a stock exchange, it would be worth a whopping $36 billion. That is definitely a great news for team owners, players and everyone associated with the game.

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