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The 10 Most Expensive Luggage Sets

, / November 5, 2015
Most Expensive and Luxurious Luggage Sets

Today luggage sets are not just suitcases and wheeled bags, they have assumed a whole new form. Some of them ooze luxury and are very expensive.

Here are the top 10 most expensive and luxurious luggage sets in the world as of 2015.

10) Hermes Orion Suitcase ($12,100)

The Hermes Orion suitcase has won accolades for its functional and aesthetic qualities. It has an aluminum shell. Its interior surface is reinforced with carbon and Kevlar. These materials have made the suitcase durable. This ergonomic suitcase will definitely make an excellent traveling companion. It is priced at $12,100.

Hermes Orion Suitcase

9) Globe-Trotter’s James Bond Special Edition Series ($12,800)

Offered by British luxury travel brand Globe-Trotter, this $12,800 luggage set includes a series of attachés, trolley cases and suitcases; they are all in elegant black. It was launched when Skyfall was released, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the first Bond movie.

Globe-Trotter’s James Bond Special Edition Series