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Top 10 Most Expensive Horses Ever Sold

/ April 15, 2015

Horse Power – A horse is a thing of beauty. It is a majestic creature even without a horn and a pair of wings. It is a wild thing that needs taming but once tamed, can be a loyal friend. You ride them and they take you to places you can never imagine. They go with your emotions, turning happiness to exhilaration and sadness into a time of reflection. Some may think that these are just mere animals but the top 10 most expensive horses in the world prove that they are much more than that, or at least that was what their owners hoped for.

10. Plavius ($9.2 Million)

Godolphin shelled out $9.2 Million to purchase Plavius in 2006. The founder, the then UAE Prime Minister Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum thought and most likely prayed that their investment will be worth it in the end. However, Plavius was not able to meet this expectation and did not prove to be worth its prize.

Plavius Horse

9. Jalil ($9.7 Million)

Purchased just a year before Plavius, Jalil costed Godolphin $9.7 Million. He was young, just a year old or so. Just like Plavius, he did not earn his worth but still managed to give Godolphin more than $300,000 in returd.