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Top 10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings

/ March 9, 2017

Regardless of the style or even the price, an engagement ring is always are beautiful and cherished by the woman who usually received it. The elite, royal couples and celebrities always have the most expensive, largest and most beautiful engagement rings that are available in the market during that specific time. Therefore, who has the most expensive engagement ring in the world?

It is widely thought that the engagement ring that is presented by a fiancé or husband usually reflects his love and affection to the lady who receives it. As a result of this, each and every man usually tries his level best to present the most attractive as well as the best engagement ring for his lover with the aim of being able to possess her heart and also reflect his true love. Engagement rings usually differ in their shapes, prices and colors. This gives every person an opportunity of choosing the one that suits his/her budget without any financial constraints. Those men who are widely-known to be relatively wealthy usually care about one thing each time they purchase an engagement ring; the price of the engagement ring. This is because the more expensive the engagement ring is, then the more impressive it will be. It doesn’t matter whether the engagement ring that has been chosen as the expensive one is the most beautiful or not. However, it is usually about its price when compared to other rings that are currently sold or they were even sold before.

Below is a quick glance at the top 10 most expensive engagement rings:

most expensive engagement rings

10. Catherine Zeta Jones’s engagement ring

Price: 2.5 million dollars

This engagement ring is a Fred Leighton vintage ring with a white diamond that weighs 10 carats. The large diamond that has been placed on this engagement ring is surrounded by 28 other smaller stones. This ring was presented to Catherine Zeta Jones by Michael Douglas, her husband.

most expensive engagement rings

9. Jacqueline Onassis’s engagement ring

Price: 2.6 million dollars

The Jacqueline Onassis’s engagement ring is a Lesotho III ring. The engagement ring is encrusted with the 40.42 carat diamond. The ring was given to Jacqueline Onassis by Aristotle Onassis, her second husband. This very special ring was worn two times only. As a matter of fact, this beautiful ring used to spend most of the time while locked away in the bank vault. The Jacqueline Onassis’s ring costs approximately 2.6 million dollars.

most expensive engagement rings

8. Melania Trump’s engagement ring

Price: 3 million dollars

The Melania Knauss’s ring is a Graff engagement ring that has been encrusted using an emerald-cut diamond that weighs around 15 carats. The engagement ring was given to Melania Knauss from Donald Trump, her husband. The ring costs 3 million dollars.

most expensive engagement rings
Credit: Pinterest

7. Jennifer Lopez’s engagement ring

Price: 4 million dollars

The Jennifer Lopez’s engagement ring is a Neil Lane blue diamond engagement ring. This ring was presented to Jennifer Lopez by Marc Anthony, her ex-husband. Marc Anthony doesn’t only know how to design the men’s wear but he also knows very how to pick a very beautiful engagement ring. This ring features a very large diamond that weighs around 8.5 carats. This makes this ring to rank among the rarest as well as most precious pieces among the Lopez’s jewelries taking into consideration the fact that it costs 4 million dollars.

most expensive engagement rings
Credit: Pinterest

6. Grace Kelly’s engagement ring

Price: 4.06 million dollars

The Grace Kelly’s ring is a Cartier diamond ring features the emerald-cut diamond. The ring weighs 10.47 carats and it has two diamond baguettes on the sides. The engagement ring was presented to Grace Kelly by his husband by Prince Rainier III of Monaco. The cost of this ring is close to 4.06 million dollars which is quite expensive for an engagement ring.

most expensive engagement rings
Credit: Kim Kardashian Instagram

5. Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring

Price: 4.5 million dollars

This famous diamond ring that was stolen from Kim K in Paris by five thieves is worth 4.5 million dollars. Kanye West bought the ring for Kim after he closed a billion dollar deal with Adidas to open Yeezy retail stores, so he had the “Adidas” engraved on the inside. Designed by Lorraine Schwartz and weighing in at 20 carats, Kim might actually get this ring back, since the suspects have since been arrested.

most expensive engagement rings

4. Paris Hilton’s engagement ring

Price: 4.7 million dollars

Paris Hilton received an engagement ring from Paris Latsis that was quite big that she said it used to hurt her hand whenever she wore it. This is a 24-carat white gold engagement ring that is encrusted with the rectangle-shaped diamond. The engagement ring has two triangle-cut baguettes that have been placed around it. This large ring was presented to Paris Hilton by Paris Latsis, her ex-fiancé. The ring cost approximately 4.7 million dollars.

most expensive engagement rings

3. Beyoncé’s engagement ring

Price: 5 million dollars

The Beyoncé’s engagement ring is the most expensive ring that has been presented in our modern times. This is a Lorraine Schwartz platinum engagement ring that has been encrusted with the octagon-cut diamond. The ring weighs 18 carats. The magnificent ring was given to the famous artist Beyoncé by Jay Z, her husband. The ring costs 5 million dollars to be ranked as the second most expensive engagement ring on the list.

most expensive engagement rings
Credit: Pinterest

2. Elizabeth Taylor’s engagement ring

Price: 8.8 million dollars

This ring was presented to Elizabeth Taylor by her husband Richard Burton. This dazzling engagement ring is encrusted with a very large Asscher-cut Krupp diamond. The diamond weighs 33.19 carats and it is known as a transparent and pure diamond. The engagement ring was sold by Christie’s at an auction in December 2011 for 8.8 million dollars.

most expensive engagement rings
Credit: Getty

1. Mariah Carey’s engagement ring

Price: 10 million dollars

Mariah Carey’s engagement ring from her Australian billionaire fiancé James Packer is said to be worth even more after they split. The ring is an impressive, flawless emerald-cut diamond with a weight of 35 carats. Coupled with baguette side diamonds set within an elegant platinum band, this ring is estimated to be worth 10 million dollars. Apparently, Mariah gets to keep the ring even though the couple has split… so Mariah Carey is the owner of the most expensive engagement ring in the world!


Whenever it comes to the expensive gifts, celebrities usually tend to exaggerate almost everything and engagement rings aren’t an exception. As a result, most celebrities strive hard to impress their loved by buying them very expensive rings just to impress them. All of these rings are exquisite and they show great taste by the men who chose them. These rings are great works of art and they will be appreciated for a very long time.