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Top 10 Most Ethnically Diverse Cities in America

/ September 18, 2015

2) Long Beach (Diversity Index: 58%)

Ethnic diversity is an accepted fact in Long Beach. The city has segregated neighborhoods. Around 30 percent of the city’s population is non-Hispanic white and a large African-American and Asian population with the largest Cambodian community in the U.S. One in four Long Beach residents were born outside the United States.

Long Beach waterfront harbor

1) Oakland (Diversity Index: 65%)

With a Diversity Index of 65 percent, the port city of California is the most ethnically diverse city in America. This is a little surprising because the population of Oakland is much less than those of some other American cities. Population of this city is 413,775. The city is a thriving hub for black culture.

San Francisco - Oakland

The Diversity Index was ranked by measuring how much other races were present in the total population of the city when compared to the majority race.