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Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in the World

, / October 10, 2015

6. Detroit, Michigan

Also commonly referred to as, “Motor City” as it was once the car industry’s production capital, Detroit has unfortunately fallen into the most dangerous category, as there have been multiple shootings and an overall reputation for violence. Though certain areas are deemed safe, always be sure to stay alert and plan your trip with caution and wisdom on your whereabouts.

Detroit, Michigan

5. Karachi, Pakistan

As the largest city in Pakistan and the third largest in the entire world, Karachi continues to be a target for a number of terrorist threats by Middle Eastern groups, especially in the more recent years. Both residents and tourists are said to be in high danger of the violence that occurs there although as a whole, the country of Pakistan can serve as a wonderful country if traveled smartly and safely.

Karachi, Pakistan