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Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries in Europe 2015

/ December 2, 2014

Corruption is a bane of Europe. It costs the continent $162 billion annually.

Here is a brief overview of the most corrupt countries in Europe, with its scores (as per Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index 2014). Country with a score of 0 is highly corrupt; country with a score of 100 is absolutely clean. CPI expands to corruption perceptions index.

=9) Bulgaria (CPI Score: 43)

Bulgaria is the melting pot of poverty and corruption. The nation was hit very badly by the economic crisis. Corruption has undermined the confidence of the citizens of Bulgaria.

=9) Greece (CPI Score: 43)

Tax evasion and political corruption are rampant in Greece; so much so, that some Greek politicians describe tax evasion as a “national sport”. Around 30 billion euros are going uncollected every year in Greece. Corruption is rampant in Greece due to many factors like absence of codes of conduct, weak law enforcement, lack of audits, lack of transparency in government activities, government impunity and inefficient officers.

=9) Italy (CPI Score: 43)

Corruption in Italy is widespread within the political parties. The political corruption remains a major problem in Italy. Sectors like water, roads and railway projects, are affected by corruption.

=9) Romania (CPI Score: 43)

Romania has policies that discourage corruption. Unfortunately the authorities lack will power to implement these policies. The judicial system is ineffective in fighting against corruption.

8) Montenegro (CPI Score: 42)

Corruption remains a serious problem in the nation due to constant legislative changes and the law enforcement authorities reluctant to investigate corruption allegations, especially those involving high-level officials.

7) Serbia (CPI Score: 41)

People of Serbia do not trust its key institutions due to large-scale corruption. Even though the country has anti-corruption laws, they are not implemented.

6) Bosnia and Herzegovina (CPI Score: 39)

Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina rank corruption as the fourth most important problem facing their nation, after unemployment, lack of proper governance and poverty. Many top officials are involved in corruption.