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Top 10 Most Advanced Countries in Medicine

, / November 3, 2015
© DAAD/Volker Lannert

6) France

The government and the people of France take pride in the nation’s high-quality healthcare. France is another leader in medical technology innovation.  The public health insurance program in France was established in 1945. Currently the public healthcare system is based on the principle of solidarity, guaranteeing financial protection against life’s contingencies for everyone.



5) Canada

Canada’s medical facilities are top-class. It spends around 10 percent of GDP on healthcare. Canada now has some of the best cutting-edge medical technologies. Healthcare in this North American nation is delivered through a publicly funded healthcare system, which is mostly free at the point of use and has most services provided by private entities. The authorities assure the quality of care through federal standards.

Nuclear Medicine Technology at The Michener

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