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Top 10 Luxury Airlines Inflight Bars

, / October 6, 2015

Today there is immense competition in the airline industry. Airlines are doing everything possible to keep their customers (especially the elite customers) happy. They are stocking up their jumbo jets with swanky new bars offering premium cocktails and aged wines. These airlines have made flying a delightful experience for the modern elite.

We look at some of the 10 most luxurious Airlines inflight Bars.

Virgin Atlantic Airways Upper Class Bar

Viewport Studio is a London and Singapore-based design agency. It has created the Virgin Atlantic Airways upper class bar and cabin interior, part of the Boeing 787-9. It has done a fabulous job. The design features a wide and tall cabin interior, with cathedral-like archways at the entrance.




Virgin Atlantic's New Upper Class Cabin


Image Courtesy of Virgin Atlantic Airways

Emirates Airbus A380 Onboard Bar

If Steve Wynn built airplanes instead of Vegas casinos, they would look like the Emirates A380. The airlines offers a well-stocked bar that can seat 25 people. If you buy a first-class ticket for a New York-Dubai round trip, you can enjoy massaging chairs, hot showers, a bar with a waterfall and much more.





Image Courtesy of Emirates