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Top 10 Hungriest Countries in the World

/ February 9, 2015

2) Eritrea (GHI: 33.8)

Eritrea makes global headlines frequently due to its hunger situation. Drought and famine are affecting more than 12 million people in Eritrea. Malnutrition is also increasing. Children under five years are the most affected segment. Eritrea is one of the least-developed nations in the world. This makes it difficult for the government to implement lasting changes to prevent hunger. Infrastructure and supplies for long-term economic changes and aid programs are largely lacking.


1) Burundi (GHI: 35.6)

Burundi is the hungriest nation in Africa. It tops the GHI for the third year in a row. It is a low-income, food-deficit nation. Food security has not improved in recent years for the majority of Burundians. One ray of hope is that peace situation has improved. More than 50 percent of the population of Burundi is affected by malnutrition. Around 65 percent of its 10 million citizens live below the poverty line. Situation is worst in rural Burundi.



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