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Top 10 Hungriest Countries in the World

/ February 9, 2015

6) Chad (GHI: 24.9)

Chad became an independent nation in 1960. Since then the country has suffered from social unrest, political instability and conflicts with its neighbors. This has resulted in poor infrastructure and dire humanitarian situation. People in Chad’s arid Sahelian region experience food insecurity and malnutrition.



5) Sudan (GHI: 26)

South Sudan became independent from former Sudan in 2011; however, both the nations continue to be poor. South Sudan was on the verge of humanitarian catastrophe as soon as it became independent. Citizens of Sudan and South Sudan are suffering from internal conflict and inefficient leadership.

The 2014 GHI score could only be calculated for former Sudan as one entity, because sepa-rate undernourishment estimates for 2011–2013 were not available for South Sudan, which became independent in 2011, and present-day Sudan. Nevertheless, the score should be a cause of concern as Hunger crisis is still evident in that region.

South Sudan Refugees HUNGER

Credit: Matthew Abbott