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Top 10 Hungriest Countries in the World

/ February 9, 2015

8) Yemen (GHI: 23.4)

Creeping famine is just one of the many problems faced by Yemen. The nation is affected by issues like civil conflict, large-scale displacement, food insecurity, high food prices, endemic poverty, diminishing resources and influx of refugees and migrants. According to WFP, around 41 percent of Yemeni population is food insecure. Child malnutrition rates in Yemen are among the highest in the world.



7) Ethiopia (GHI: 24.4)

Ethiopia suffered from famine for three decades. Even though the nation has made remarkable economic strides in recent years and has secured its position as one of the most efficient economies in Sub-Saharan Africa, it continues to struggle with issues like high poverty, political unrest and low education rates.