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Top 10 First Class Airline Seats in the World 2015

/ October 19, 2014

Today’s airline companies offer their customers fine leather sofa, onboard butler, fully staffed suite, personal chef and much more.

Here is a brief overview of the top 10 first class airline seats in the world, with information regarding their best-priced flight tickets ranked by Flightfox. Seat configuration, aisle access, suite privacy, type of champagnes served, how caviar was plated, whether pyjamas were provided, and many other factors were considered while ranking.

10) Singapore First Class

Singapore to Seoul: $1,593

With Singapore First Class, passengers experience new levels of exclusivity. Inside the lavishly designed first class cabin, you will find eight stately seats.

Courtesy of Singapore Airlines

Courtesy of Singapore Airlines

9) Asiana First Class Suite

Seoul to New York: $4,073

Asiana Airlines strives to maximize your in-flight privacy by providing seats with two sliding doors. The full flat bed is equipped with the world’s largest 32-inch HD personal monitor.


Courtesy of Asiana