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Top 10 Most Expensive Tequilas

/ June 7, 2016

5. Tres-Cuatro-Cinco


 Just as the name hints, this unique tequila brand is the result of the mixture of 3, 4 and five aged tequilas. It is packaged in handmade crystal decanters. And to give it an extra touch of classiness, the bottles are usually numbered and signed by the artist himself. Price can vary from whom you are buying it from, as well as how old that particular blend is, but its usual price can be of $500.

4. Asombroso Reserva Del Porto


 From the moment you witness its presentation and the whole package it comes in, you know you are in for an amazing quality of tequila. The Asombroso Reserva tequila is made from mature blue agave, pre-selected by the same people who distil the drink. It is then aged in Port wine barrels which contain high sugar levels. The base tequila only costs $200, and it’s very sweet with hints of vanilla and honey. However, the Port wine Añejo costs a lot more, due to its unique story of a long lost recipe, which can drive its price to an astonishing $2,400. It is mind-blowing that people could buy a drink that costs like that, but it’s true.

3. Barrique de Ponciano Pordifio


 One of the rarest tequilas available, its aura of mystery revolving around the elaboration of the drink gives it its state of grandiosity. It is made from a secret chemical process that separates the highest quality flavor possible. It is then aged for a minimum of 1 year in French oak casks before being bottled. As for the bottles themselves, each of them is a result of hand-blown artisan glass bottles. It has a distinctive amber color, and it’s intensively flavored. Its price can go up to $1,500.

2.  Jose Cuervo, 1800 collection


 The tequila brand of excellence, this particular line is made from mature, ten-year-old agave plants, giving it a golden color. It presents a touch of agave and almond on the tongue. It is additionally aged in French oak barrels and packaged in a pewter decanter. Every year, the design of the bottle changes, with the latest edition going for $2000 the bottle. As luxurious as this might seem, the price doesn´t compare to the most expensive tequila.

1. Ley .925 Tequila Pasion Azteca Ultra Premium Anejo


 This very particular drink is the sole definition of luxury, art and sophistication all mixed in a resulting product. Forget the tequila, the showstopper here is the marvelous design of the bottle itself, which is handcrafted and is made of white gold and pure platinum. It also has a solid platinum emblem. There are even some diamond-encrusted ones, which is something insane. Due to the nature of the drink, they might not even be for sale; you have to get in touch with the respective owners. The price can go from $225,000 up to $3.5 million. Ladies and gentlemen, the most expensive tequila.

So there you have it, the greatest examples of the idea that drinking can be an art. Hopefully, it will make you acknowledge the actual flavor of the tequila you pour down your throat almost unconsciously, and will inspire you to improve your taste in tequila. Perhaps this will encourage you to stop drinking that $15 tequila from the gas station which gets you blackout drunk from smelling it. Now you know that tequila is not always a synonym of death, for it can also be a classy and expensive drink that collectors and millionaires enjoy on a daily basis without passing out. Cheers!

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