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Top 10 Most Expensive Colleges In The U.S

/ June 4, 2016

They say college is an expensive affair but all the same a worthy investment. The United States has several colleges with different requirements for admission. Some of them will completely knock you off the list because of the costs. These are the top 10 most expensive colleges in the U.S.

10. University of Southern California

This private research university is based in the city of Los Angeles, California. It has a total of about nineteen thousand undergraduate students who are pursuing different courses. A huge chunk of them get grants or scholarships while a small portion from disadvantaged backgrounds are beneficiaries of the Federal Pell Grant. The total yearly cost inclusive of room and board is $64,132. If you are staying off campus, you’ll only be required to pay tuition and fees and that will see you part with $50,277 annually. That makes this number ten of the most expensive colleges in america. Due to its status, a degree from this university will definitely be worth the money spent.

9. Oberlin College

A majority of students that go through this private college benefit from scholarships offered by the institution. It is located in the rural parts of the state of Ohio, and you can be sure to have a very conducive learning environment when you enroll. The college was privileged to have the First Lady, Michelle Obama, speak at its graduation ceremony held in the spring of 2015. Many of the students graduated with a degree in visual arts. The total yearly cost inclusive of room and board is $64,224. Tuition and fee alone will cost you $50,594.

8. Scripps College

Can you imagine a women-only campus? Yes, this college will totally not accept your application if you are of the male gender no matter how hard you try to convince it. Scripps is a private college situated in the outskirts of Los Angeles with nearly 50% of the student population benefiting from scholarships. With its impeccable grounds and great facilities, it makes sense why the annual costs amount to $64,260 and that is inclusive of room and board. Tuition and fee costs a total of $49,152 annually. It still would be interesting to see how a college with a single-gender population operates. This is no 8 on the most expensive colleges list.

7. Claremont McKenna College

It’s a college of choice for many students who are interested in pursuing degrees in social sciences. It is primarily a private liberal arts college located in the outskirts of the City of Angeles. The campus is beautifully designed and a true reflection of the California spirit. Some of the famous people who have gone through the college include Heidi Cruz, the late Robin Williams and George R. Roberts. The total annual cost inclusive of room and board is $64,325. Tuition and fee will knock you back $49,045 every year.

6. Bard College at Simon’s Rock

Situated in rural Massachusetts, Simon’s Rock is truly a college of its own kind. It’s so in demand that some students even skip the end of high school to enroll into it. About 50% of the students graduate from the college with a bachelor’s degree while the other half obtain an associate’s degree and proceed to other institutions. The total annual cost inclusive of room and board comes to $64,519 while the tuition and fees alone is $50,859. A lot of students at the college also receive financial aid. The parent college located in New York is also just as expensive, charging about $64,024 annually. Go to next side to see the top 5 most expensive colleges in us.