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Top 10 Most Expensive Beanie babies

/ June 9, 2016
  1. #1 The Bear


Only about 250 of this bear were created as gifts for Ty sales representatives. It costs around $1,500-$2,000. We all know that teddy bears were the bomb in the 90s, but this price seems a little excessive doesn´t it? Well, it depends on of your perspective, for this bear surely are rare. It´s immensely hard to find them online, and once you do, chances are you´ll encounter a lot of people fighting over it. So, unless you were one of Ty sales representatives when they were released, forget about owning one of these beanie babies.

  1. Mystic (Unicorn)


This “very rare” Mystic the Unicorn is a first generation, which may explain its $400 price tag. However, it has yet to receive any bids… probably because there are other Mystics on the Internet that are being sold for as low as $1.99 However, it also can cost up to $1,800- $3,000, for the version with the brown horn and fine mane. In all fairness, unicorns are already pretty rare as they are. Now imagine putting one of these creatures into a beanie baby. Yeah, just picture that price tag. Now add a brown horn and a fine mane: You´ve got yourself a $3,000 toy.

  1. Employee Bear (Green or Red Ribbon)


On September 13, 1997, employees and reps of Ty Inc. were given a new face violet Employee Bear at the Second Annual Appreciation Night.  It is estimated that only 150 with red ribbons and 150 with green ribbons were given away. The Employee Bear is the only Beanie produced without a hang tag. As a result of the very limited number of Employee Bears built, this is a highly counterfeited Beanie; Authentic Employee Beanie Babies should have a 1993 or 1995 red and white 2nd generation tush tag.  This ultra-rare model costs around $3,000, which is mind-blowing.

  1. Bongo the Monkey


One of the most sought-after models of all time, it can cost up to a staggering $9,000, which is something incredible. This charming little monkey sure knows how to steal the show. Forget about Donkey Kong or King Kong; this money surely knows how to make you spend real money! In spite of the fact that this monkey seems immensely overpriced, we want you to know that the number one spot makes this monkey look like a bargain.

  1. Princess Diana


 This bear, which first made its debut in 1997, is going for a staggering $300,000… though, “strangely”, this one has yet to receive any takers. And with this seller’s no returns policy, you better be extra sure this is an investment you’re willing to make. Or that it is in a good state, without any bruises. We understand this is a collector´s piece and all that jibber jabber. But, have you ever thought about all the things you can do with that kind of money? Just think about it? You can even buy a house with the price tag of a stuffed animal. It surely puts things in perspective when you think about the actual value of our possessions.


Admittedly, its high prices can be explained due to the nostalgic factor. People from the 90’s loved these fantastic toys, and it clearly represents a critical phase of their lives. Still, we doubt anybody would pay those astonishingly high prices unless you are a Beanie Babies fan! Not only do you need a lot of money to be able to purchase one of these toys, but you will also require a lot of patience, for we guarantee you will struggle if you try to find them online. The Beanie Babies are so rare, some of them are even impossible to find on the web. If you own one of these Beanie Babies and are just learning about their real value, we recommend you do something about it, for you can make a huge profit from something that you´re not going to use. Needless to say, you should not sell them if you´re a collector, for you have one of the rarest possessions on Earth. Congratulations!