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Top 10 Most Expensive Basketball Shoes

, , / July 2, 2016

Basket is a sport that has changed a lot throughout the years. Ever since the 19th century, when this sport was created, it has undergone a drastic evolution in terms of how it is played, and the clothes worn by the players. Certainly, the level of complexity of the game has been dialed up to the maximum. Now it is not as simple as putting your traditional Chuck Taylor’s, and running around with a bunch of guys trying to shoot a ball through a hoop. You’ve got numerous strategies now, a bunch of techniques, and of course, incredible players’ raising the bar for what is possible in the court. And with all these innovations, the technology behind it also had to change in order to meet the level of quality required for the game. That is why the traditional basketball shoes have seen a considerable improvement since their Chuck Taylor’s days, being the brand Nike the most renowned for their shoe models. However, the technology isn’t the only thing that has risen up; the prices can be somewhat of a scandal sometimes. Here are the top 10 most expensive basketball shoe models in the world:

10. Air Force I Four Horsemen- $2,500

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 Nike designed this special model for LeBron James during the 2004 ESPY awards. It is a very rare model, as only 12 pairs were made, which can explain its elevated cost. But believe us, this price is nothing compared to what is to come.

9. Air Force I Chamber of Fear – $2,500

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 The iconic model of shoes has been called the most innovative pair of sneakers of all time. Given the  incredible reputation it holds, it is not strange that the 1982’s model was revisited in recent years, 2005 to be precise, with a whole new design of red, black and gold, with half of them going to Asia, and the rest staying in the United States. Nowadays, it is only available through auctions and giveaways.

8. Air Jordan XI – $2,700

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The legend of Michael Jordan as the greatest player ever to step on the basketball court sure helps to sell lots of sneakers. This pair was used by Jordan in 1995 when he made his comeback in the middle of the season after a brief fling with minor league baseball. And even though he did not win anything at that time, with the Cordura nylon top and carbon fiber plates allowing a lighter weight and better torque, Jordan used it again the following season to greater results: the Bulls regained their title.

7. Adidas KB8 Selection – $ 3,000:

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Despite being obviously named after basketball legend Kobe Bryant, the sneakers had to be renamed as Crazy 8 due to Kobe’s departure from Adidas. The superstar never got the chance to wear them, but they are still an iconic model, as the price can show.

6. Air Jordan III – $ 4,500:

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