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Top 10 most expensive apps for iOS

, / September 30, 2016

Nothing that’s actually worth having comes for free. We certainly get that. If we want premium services, we have to pay for them. It is how the economy works, and it is a system that has been with us since the dawn of time. People give us something we need or want, and we give them something they want in return. The problem starts when people develop unsubstantial, worthless content for people to absorb, and guess what, people actually buy them! Ok, maybe not every app on this list is useless, but there are certainly very expensive for a mobile app, and that is a very true fact. Here is the list of most expensive apps for iOS to download:

  1. The Millionaire App ($1000): This unique app was created for millionaires only. It is so exclusive, the app requires you to verify if your assets are “in excess of one-million pounds” before they are granted access to the multiple benefits this app gives them.
  2. Ignition ($1000): Have you ever had the need to manage your PC/Mac from your device, and additionally, had $1000 to spend? Then this is precisely designed for you, you stupid idiot.
  3. GunBros in-app purchase ($600): This game can easily be played without spending a dollar. But, if you really want to show the world how hardcore you really are, then, by all means, purchase Apathy Bear, a special character that will cost you $600. His attributes? He fires 11 bullets at the same time and each bullet will level a 4,000-point damage.
  4. DDS GP ($500): Developed exclusively for dentists, this app will let them help their explanation of conditions, treatments, and procedures to patients.
  5. MobileCamViewer ($350): Another app targeted for the paranoid in you. Now, you can manipulate over 25 cameras from your mobile phone. It also gives you the option of sharing footage directly from your phone.
  6. Water Globe ($350): From the company that brought you Clown Punching Game, here comes another attempt to rob mindless people. Want to guess what does this app do? It is a snow globe simulator. We are not making this up. You can even set it as the lock screen if you happen to be so proud of your latest acquisition.
  7. SafeSession ($300): If you are a paranoid, borderline-schizophrenic person, then this app is for you. Developed for people that think they are being harassed by the F.B.I on a daily basis, this app will protect your phone calls with voice encryption algorithms, ensuring your conversations remain as secure as possible.We might only wonder, what is it that you want to hide so desperately to download this useless app?
  8. TouchChat ($300): This app proves to have a very noble cause, by helping people with Down syndrome, Autism or ALS by giving them a way to talk to people in a voice they may be more comfortable. It gives the tools necessary for people with difficulties to express themselves, and that is a very good thing. But why make something so helpful that expensive?
  9. Agro ($300): Well, this is a clear example of an app destined to a specific niche only. We figure that, if you are an agronomist, you will find this app extremely useful.
  10. Clown Punching Game ($300): Yes, this actually exists. This expensive pack will give you not one, not two, but actually four mediocre games!! It is unbelievable how terrible these games are, and for the price of $300, you have got to be mentally challenged to actually buy them. You literally would be better off developing your own game, you will have much more fun doing it and you would make a better use of that money.