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Top 10 Most Expensive Android Apps

, / September 30, 2016


It is very hard to imagine a person actually spending over $400 on an app, but it is true. These are the most expensive android apps available and funny enough, some of these apps don’t even do anything! It certainly makes you wonder, why somebody would buy this kind of stuff. For us, it is a clear example of rampant consumerism: you have to own the most expensive things in order to feel good about yourself. Or maybe, you genuinely want to throw away your money. Whatever the case may be, there is one thing we are sure of: we will not be downloading these apps anytime soon.

Abu Moo Collection ($400 each, $2400 total)

If the price has scared you big-time, you won’t believe what I am about to tell you: it does nothing. Yep, nothing. Each app has the name of a gem. There are 6 of them in total. If you happen to be crazy enough to purchase it , the only thing you will receive is an ugly widget showing the gem. And that’s it. They literally cost more than a PS4 for god sake. The fact this even exists really goes to show that people are willing to buy anything.

most expensive android apps

The most expensive app ($400)

Beware of the most expensive app that, as you may have figured out, doesn’t do anything. You will be literally wasting $400 for an app that only shows you a figure of a diamond.


Zollinger’s Atlas of Surgery ($250 US)

This app might just be worth the price to future med students. It covers more then 230 procedures and is designed to teach you how to perform the most common surgical procedures. It covers everything from preoperative preparation, incisions, and postoperative care.

most expensive android apps

Peek ($200)

A very easy way to check out your notifications doesn’t deserve to cost this much actually. It is certainly helpful, but not so revolutionary nor necessary.

most expensive android apps

Most Expensive Android Widget ($200)

We are not making this up, we swear to god. This app allows you to be the owner of the most expensive android widget in the world (hurray!).

most expensive android apps

Super color Runner ($200)

A runner game like the ones you are accustomed to. Nothing very new is added to the tired formula, and still, it costs the astonishing amount of $200! It is not very clear why does it have to be so expensive, being an app that could easily cost $5 for the quality it has.

most expensive android apps

Bonney’s Gyn. Surgery, 11th Ed ($180)

At this point should we be happy or scared that our surgeons are learning tips and tricks from an app? Either way that’s what this one is for, designed specifically for Urogynaecology, Gynaecological surgery/oncology and operations for other organs.

most expensive android apps

5-minute sports medicine ($100)

Maybe not every app on this list is that useless. This one, for example, is great for sports fanatics and athletes, as it informs them about serious injuries commonly related to sports. It further provides useful information about them, and even therapy suggestions. On the downside, though, the interface is extremely bad, and it is really nothing that special. But the fact that is written by experts on the matter is what gives it its price.

most expensive android apps

Mobile Accessibility US ($100)

This app is pure genius, and is a very heartwarming act of kindness (although with that price, not so much). It allows blind people to use their smartphone, although it has not been very well received.

most expensive android apps

Clash of Clans ($100)

This might be one of those instances in which paying $100 for a mobile app might be satisfying and won’t feel like you are pathetic. To clarify, we know that the game itself can be downloaded for free, but some in-game options can rise up to that amount.

most expensive android apps