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Top 10 Dirtiest Cities in America

, / October 13, 2015

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness” is a well-known saying. Clean cities attract tourists and investments. People living in clean cities are usually healthier than those living in dirty and polluted cities. Some cities in America like Clearlake have the reputation of being very clean. Unfortunately not all cities in this great nation are clean.

Here are the 10 dirtiest cities in the US based on pollution, light, noise, water, air, land and other, according to Inside Monkey.

10) New Haven, Connecticut

New Haven is the home of the world-famous Yale University. Even though New Haven is a beautiful city, it is facing issues like improper sewage disposal, traffic congestion and chemical dumps. If you are in New Haven, it is definitely advisable to avoid sea food.

New Haven, Connecticut

9) Detroit, Michigan

Automotive industry, lack of funding for cleanliness and abandoned facilities are main reasons why Detroit is not a clean city. The city has lost a quarter of its population in a decade. Cleaning up Detroit is a challenge for the authorities.

Downtown Detroit Traffic