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World’s Most Expensive Fashion Brands 2014

/ May 3, 2014

Fashion is one of the most profitable industries in the world, and everyone wants their piece in the luxurious side. You may be surprised to find out the top ten most expensive fashion brands. Make your first impression perfect by investing in these most expensive brands.

10) Fendi

Ranking in at number ten is Fendi, created back in 1925 this Italian luxury brand sells many products from handbags to dresses. They specialize in leather goods and is well known for its “baguette” handbags.
9) Guess

This is the only North American brand that is luxurious enough to make the cut! Guess offers a wide variety of clothing types including women; men and children yet focus mostly on their successful denim brand.

8) Valentino

Another Italian brand is Valentino, a 1959 company who not until the mid 60’s skyrocketed in popularity. For you high-end ladies this brand radiates wealth and luxury. Shoes, bags, accessories and more can be found with the Valentino brand.

7) Dior

Tout le monde aime Dior especially for their ready-to-wear fashion. Leather, accessories, shoes, jewelry and more can be found stamped with the lavish Dior name. Sophisticated fashion with trendy and modern style makes what Dior is today.

6) Versace

Versace is that great brand with many areas of work. They don’t just make men’s and women’s fashion but also makeup and home furnishings. Heard in songs this brand is known for its grand luxury.

5) Armani

There’s no doubt you’ve heard the name, Armani has been considered on of the most popular brands in the world. This might be because of their many sub-labels or because they have a wide range of fashion from simple to couture.

4) Prada

The devl wears it, rappers rap about it, and people talk about it. Starting out as a leather goods store in Italy, Prada has made its way into the spotlight. Prada is popular in many ways especially for their simple and sophisticated handbag design.

3) Dolce and Gabbana

The late-1980’s is when this brand became very well known worldwide. They launched their first women’s like in the mid 1980’s but didn’t gain fame until they expended into swim and underwear.

2) Chanel

Coco would love to see where her company has gone. Ranking number two in our most expensive brand list Chanel surely deserves to be here. If you are looking for couture they have it, ready-to-wear they have it, fragrances, accessories, makeup and more Chanel has it all. But don’t forget to invest in at least one of their little black dresses.

1) Gucci

Founded in 1921 this brand has evolved from the leather goods it started out with, today this billion dollar company is known for its quality products and has quite a loyal customer base. Upper class and celebrities have made this brand what it is today, successful and profitable.