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Top 10 Best Jobs in America 2015

/ December 17, 2014

CareerCast is a popular career guidance website. It has released its 26th annual Jobs Rated report. This report evaluates outlook, income, stress, physical demands and environmental factors of 200 professions across a wide variety of industries, skill levels and salary ranges.

As per this report, here is the list of the top 10 best jobs in America of 2015, with mid-level pay information.

10. Speech Pathologist ($69,870)

Speech pathologists have seen a spike in pay the past few years. The bureau of labor statistics predicts a hiring boom of speech pathologists to accommodate the aging population.


9. Occupational Therapist ($75,400)

Occupational therapists work with the injured or ill and use routine activities to expedite rehabilitation. There is a huge demand for their skills.

Occupational Therapist