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Top 10 Best Dressed Male Celebrities

/ January 1, 2015


He started off being part of the Black Eyed Peas, but went solo in 2001. He’s known for his futuristic style and also looks nice in his music video ‘Bang Bang’ in the 1920’s style. His style is probably extraordinaire because he studied at the Fashion Institue of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. That’s one of the main reasons he knows his way around a shopping center.


#7: Leonardo DiCaprio

We have all enjoyed his style in the Great Gatsby. He looked amazing as ‘mister Gatsby’ in his money-making 1920’s style. And his style in the Wolf of Wallstreet was what fashion was like for men in the ‘90’s We were lucky the shellsuits and training outfits. He has a thing of looking impeccable in this vintage, classic 1920’s style. He wears a lot of suits made by Armani while doing premieres and award ceremonies and being casual there’s a big chance there’s some Ralph Lauren there.

Photo: Mori/Bauer Griffin

Photo: Mori/Bauer Griffin