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The UNSEEN: Swarovski Headpiece Visualizes Brain Activity

, / August 8, 2014

The Swarovski headpiece that changes color with brain activity:

Swarovski-headpiece-unseenDesigned by high-tech couturier Lauren Bowker in collaboration with swarovski, this stunning headdress is imbued with a chemical compound that changes color in response to brain activity. This headpiece is offered by Swarovski, the Austrian producer of luxury cut lead glass.

“I’m interested in everything you can’t see”, says Lauren, a self-described alchemist. “That might be the pheromones you release or the environment you are in – its temperature or the local humidity.” She is with the London based fashion house The Unseen. She is not interested in the mundane.

Lauren’s collections are unique. They are infused with specially created chemical concoctions that subtly shift hue in response to external stimuli. Her collection called Air is a series of sculptured garments that react to heat and air movement.

Lauren’s latest offer, the Swarovski headpiece, sets out to reveal the truly unseen. It sets out to reveal the sparking and firing neurons. It consists of a helmet-like construction of leather, her color-changing ink and 4,000 lab-grown Swarovski stones. The material composition of these stones is similar to that of human bones.


“This parallel makes the gemstone compatible with the human, enabling each stone when worn to act as a conduction insulator, absorbing energy loss from the head. We discovered the pattern formation in the color of each stones evolves throughout the day; this fluctuates over areas of the brain in use. When worn, the headpiece becomes a reflection of the inner human thought”.

This headpiece sounds exciting. It is really interesting to see how it impacts relationships.