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The Most Expensive Fitness Equipments

, / May 10, 2014

Celebrities and models got their good looks from their genes. Some of them got it through plastic surgery. There are others who work hard to maintain a proper diet and build their bodies through exercising and hitting the gym. People who have money to burn and popularity to maintain, investing in gym equipments seems to be a good idea.

Here are some of the world’s most expensive gym equipments:

• VibroGym Diamond – $69,190

At $69,190, this could easily be the most expensive gym equipment out there. Celebrities and models love this equipment. It uses vibration to workout every muscle in the body. This effectively stimulates your entire body for only a 10-minute a day work out. Another reason for the outrageous price is the 65,000 Crystallized Swarovski Element in this stainless steel gym equipment. There are also 600 hyacinth-colored stones featured in the logo of the VibroGym.


• Hypoxi Trainers – $52,000

This $52,000 gym equipment is available in 40 different countries all over the globe. Dr. Norbert Egger created this gym equipment back in the 1990s. This machine specifically targets the tummy fat, thighs, hips, butt, and other main problem areas among men and women. Hypoxi comes with two models called the S120 and the L-520, which can let their users lose weight and their cellulite fast.

Photo: Hypoxi Studio

Photo: Hypoxi Studio

• Quick Gym Range of Motion (ROM) Machine – $15,000

With just one machine, you can have a full cardio, flexibility, and resistance workout within four minutes. This 85-pound flywheel with centrifuge brake is worth $15,000. This machine stimulates the muscles 12 times more than brisk walking or running. Some of the endorsers of this machine are Jimmy Kimmel, John Travolta and Tom Cruise. For people who just wants to try this machine, they have to pay $2,500 for the trial alone and just add $12,500 if they plan to go ahead and buy it.


• Expresso Fitness S3U – $5,800

This $5,800 exercise bike has a 19-inch monitor that has the Expresso Live, which is an interactive system that manages your fitness training. This machine features 30 virtual tours that allow the user to compete with other simulated bikers. This machine can even connect to the Internet so that you can compete with other players online. This bike machine offers terrain that makes you feel like you really are driving the real thing. This machine also comes as the S3R, which is more of a recumbent-style bike.