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The Homes of WWE Superstars

/ March 15, 2015

These professional wrestlers earn their fame and fortune through hard work in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Being in WWE most of these superstars only get a day per week to relax at the place they call home. Homes that are abodes of luxury.

Here are the 10 most impressive homes of former and current WWE superstars.

10) CM Punk

CM Punk’s beautiful condo is located in Chicago. He purchased five bedroom home for $2.15 million in 2010. It includes a movie theater room, two-storey living room, a family room with a playroom loft, a three car garage, a master bedroom with heated floors, an office with tiger-wood flooring, a Jacuzzi tub and a wine cellar. CM Punk is surely living it up in this amazing condo.


9) Rey Mysterio

WWE superstar Rey Mysterio’s stunning residence is located in California. One major attraction of this home is the large aquarium, which is located in the living room. He has a collection of old memorabilia in his office. The backyard has an amazing pool with a water fall display.