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The 10 Most Adulterous Countries in the World

/ June 10, 2015

2) Denmark (46 %)

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is called ‘a social and erotic arena.’ In Denmark, you will find sex shops right next to decent family hotels. Victoria Milan thrives in this northern European nation. The site has witnessed an increase in female membership.

Nyhavn Canal in Copenhagen, Demark.

Nyhavn Canal in Copenhagen, Demark.

1) Thailand (56 %)

Thailand holds the dubious distinction of being the most adulterous country in the world. Sex industry is a huge economic sector in this Southeast Asian nation. Sex workers in Patpong are known to cater to all kinds of kinks. Patpong, which is located in Bangkok, is one of world’s most famous red-light districts. All these may have promoted a no-holds-barred attitude towards sex in Thai men and women. Thai women are more adulterous than Thai men.


Adultery invariably ends up in heartbreak; there is at least one heartbreak in the long run.