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The 10 Most Adulterous Countries in the World

/ June 10, 2015

6) Norway (41 %)

New registrations on Victoria Milan’s cheating site increased by 78 percent during a heat wave. If you live in Norway you know why the mating season is so short. According to one blogger ‘A Canadian in Norway’, low rate of adultery in Norway may be due to the size of the nation. Norway is a small country. People know each other, so infidelity is less common.



5) France (43 %)

It appears that it is something of a tradition for French Presidents to have affairs. Considering the fact that France is the only nation on our planet to have rated the movie Fifty Shades of Grey at 12, it was bound to make the cut. “In the parlance of French films, cheating merely signifies that you’re the protagonist,” notes Pamela Druckerman in her book ‘Lust in Translation.’