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The 10 Longest Non-Stop Flights in the World

/ October 6, 2015

Each year, more and more people are traveling more internationally and more frequently and as the demand continues to rise, the airlines are having to find new solutions as to how they can fly more passengers within the shortest amount of time possible. New flights from new departure and arrival cities are popping up nearly every month now all over the globe making new milestones and attempting to keep up with the high travel demands. If you are an international traveler yourself, chances are you have already had to take on some of these following top 10 longest non-stop flights. If you have yet to hop on one of these, then here is a little information on what to expect when you do…

10. San Francisco to Dubai – Emirates

Duration: 15h 50m (13,041km), Aircraft: Airbus A380-800

The last flight is none other than another Emirates flight heading to the great UAE city of Dubai and leaving from this time San Francisco, California. Expect to be on this flight for a total of 16 hours and traveling for a total distance of 13,040 kilometers (8103 miles) in the air.


9. Abu Dhabi to San Francisco – Etihad Airways

Duration: 16h 15m (13,128km), Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER

Leaving Abu Dhabi in hopes to reach it to US’s city of San Francisco will take you a total of about 16 hours traveling for a total distance of 13,128 kilometers (8,158 miles). The nonstop between San Francisco International and Abu Dhabi was launched in November 2014 on a three-class Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.