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The 10 Most Impressive Celebrity Homes

/ January 15, 2016

6) Charles Sieger’s Castle ‘Château Artisan’ (Miami)

Price: $10.9 Million

This incredible $10.9 million fortress home is designed by Charles Sieger; it is his home. Charles has designed and built many creative high-rise residential and commercial buildings. This mansion is inspired by French and British chateaus; that is the reason why it is named “Château Artisan.”

Charles Sieger's Castle 'Château Artisan' (Miami)

Charles Sieger's Castle 'Château Artisan' (Miami)

5) Celine Dion’s Water Park Mansion (Florida)

Celine Dion’s $72.5 million Jupiter Island mansion has its own water park; two massive pools in the property are connected by a water park. The house, which is built at her oceanfront Florida estate, has crisp white interior, eight bedroom guesthouse and many more luxuries. The water park has a giant twisting slide, a foot bridge and a lazy river.

Celine Dion's Water Park Mansion (Florida)