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The 10 Best Countries for Business in 2016

, / January 19, 2016

4) Ireland

GDP of this small nation is $246 billion. Ireland’s economy is trade dependent. Trade-balance-to-GDP ratio is 3.7 percent. This modern country’s GDP growth rate is 5.2 percent and GDP per capita is $51,300. Ireland was among the initial group of 12 European countries that began circulating the Euro way back in 2002.

Dublin Skyline, Ireland

3) Norway

Norway has a mixed economy; a large public sector and a vibrant private sector. The nation’s GDP is $500 billion. Norway is well-known for its extensive social safety net. GDP growth rate is 2.2 percent. Petroleum sector contributes around 30 percent of the nation’s revenue. Norway is the third-largest natural gas exporter in the world.

The Oslo Norway Harbor is one of Oslo's great attractions in Oslo, Norway in a summer day