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The 10 Best Countries for Business in 2016

, / January 19, 2016

6) Finland

The per capita output of Finland is almost as high as nations like Sweden and Netherlands. The GDP per capita of this free-market economy is $40,700. Exports account for more than a third of GDP. Finland is a highly industrialized nation. Unemployment rate is 8.7 percent. Currently the country’s main challenge is to stimulate growth.

Aerial panorama of Helsinki, Finland

5) Sweden

People living in Sweden enjoy an enviable standard of living. GDP is $570 billion. Inflation is 0.2 percent. Currently the nation is outside the Euro zone. GDP per capita is $46,200 and GDP growth rate is 2.3 percent. The economy is heavily oriented towards foreign trade; trade-balance-to-GDP ratio is 6.2 percent. Agriculture accounts for less than 1 percent of GDP.

Stockholm, Sweden