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The 10 Best Countries for Business in 2016

, / January 19, 2016

Today’s world is full of opportunities for entrepreneurs and businessmen. Many countries worldwide are seeking investments. Here are the top 10 best nations for business as per Forbes. The US has fallen in rankings for a sixth straight year. This is mainly due to low scores in bureaucracy and monetary freedom. European nations represent two-thirds of the top 25.

10) United Kingdom

With a GDP of $2,945 billion and GDP per capita of $39,800, the United Kingdom is the third largest economy in Europe. The nation produces around 60 percent of food needs with less than 2 percent of the labor force. Inflation is 1.5 percent. Even though UK has coal, oil and natural gas reserves, it has been a net importer of energy for the last 10 years. Services like banking and insurance are the key drivers of the country’s 3 percent GDP growth.

London Skyline, England

9) Netherlands

The GDP growth rate of Netherlands is 1 percent. With a GDP of $866 billion, it is the sixth largest economy in the EU. Netherlands is major transportation hub in the EU. It enjoys stable industrial relations. At 7.4 percent unemployment rate is not very high. Netherlands is well-known for its highly mechanized agricultural sector; it is the second largest agricultural exporter in the world.

Rotterdam, Netherlands. City skyline