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What You Need to Know About Tai Lopez’s Net Worth

/ April 27, 2018

If you do a quick Google search of Tai Lopez you’re bound to come up with some interesting results. You’ll probably see his viral YouTube videos. It boasts millions and millions of hits, and that exalts the power of reading above all else. You’ll see his self-help lectures, and get all the stats on his staggering social media accounts. It’s safe to say the Tai Lopez net worth is thriving.

What to Know about The Tai Lopez Net Worth

You’ll find out that Tai Lopez is an author, a speaker, and a self-help guru. An investor, and social media star. He has millions of followers across multiple platforms, and yet, he remains a bit of a mystery.
He is so clothed in mystery in fact, that he doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page. That might not sound all that surprising, after all, you don’t have a Wikipedia page either, and yet you still exist. Yet, for someone of his stature, it raises a few eyebrows.

Information on Tai Lopez is Limited

It also makes it hard to find out information like the Tai Lopez net worth and general practices. That’s because the information that exists online is information produced. They are also controlled by Tai Lopez.
This same Internet search will also likely have you questioning his validity. There is a general lack of reliable information about him. It makes it harder to believe his rags to riches story.

There are a lot of skeptics online, and they voice their opinions loudly.

Tai reportedly went from living on a friend’s couch to owning luxury cars. Lamborghinis and living in a lavish Californian mansion all in a matter of years to mention some. This was all thanks to his good old-fashioned know-how and his social media prowess.
It’s no wonder that people have a hard time believing this rags to riches story. Especially, most of his videos take place in his garage. He’s usually dressed in something well below business casual. He doesn’t exactly look like a millionaire, and with limited knowledge on Tai Lopez net worth, it’s hard to know for sure.
A Forbes Magazine article from March of 2017 estimates Tai Lopez’s net worth at around $3 million. But, it’s pretty clear from all the Tai Lopez research that the actual value of his net worth is not important.

His True Value is as a Motivator

He could easily be worth much more or much less, but his value isn’t really in the number. His value is very clear in his role as a motivator, a mentor, and an inspirer. At a time when people are more likely to binge-watch Netflix for an entire weekend than pick up a book, he has been espousing the attributes of reading. He claims to read a book a day, and he credits his success to this constant search for knowledge.

That’s a really important message for people to hear. To have a social media mogul telling people that reading is important is priceless to the world at large.

Using Social Media to Build an Empire

It’s also amazing that he is able to get his message out. YouTube has a lot of crackpots who have a video camera and a WiFi connection. Yet none of these other people broadcasting from their garages. It is the kind of success that Tai Lopez has had.
Is it because of his charisma? Or is it his motivational powers? Is it the fact that he has a Lamborghini in the background? It’s probably a combination of these things, but it’s also a framework that others can learn from.

He genuinely seems to want others to learn from his example.

Whatever Tai Lopez’s net worth is, he is authentic. The luxury cars might be there to lure you in, but it’s the message that he wants you to stick around for.

In fact, he calls his videos edu-tainment, and he wants his viewers to have fun and learn at the same time. He advocates a daily brain budget, and he believes that you achieve your goals through reverse engineering. You think of the kind of lifestyle you want to live, and you work backward to find the steps to lead you there.

He is the mastermind behind the 67 Steps to lead you to success, and his website is full of videos designed to help make you as rich as he reportedly is. From tips to grow your bank account, to tips to grow your followers, he seems to know it all, and he is eager to share it with you.

Tai Lopez is Everywhere and Yet Unknown

Tai Lopez’s net worth may remain a mystery, and the world may never learn if he’s a carnival huckster or a bona fide genius, but if he’s able to inspire and motivate other people, how important is the answer?

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