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Stars Who Get Paid Just To Show Up At Events!

/ May 29, 2014
Helga Esteb /

Lindsay Lohan

Among the highest celebrity appearances was supposed to be paid to Lindsay Lohan by ‘Pure Nightclub’ in Las Vegas, in the amount of $350,000, but due to scheduling rehab conflicts, Lohan was forced to cancel her appearance.

Paris Hilton

Pure Nightclub also paid Paris Hilton $200,000 just to celebrate her 24th birthday at the club! I mean come on! Wouldn’t she have been there anyways?

Britney Spears

Although it wasn’t much of an appearance, but more of a work commitment, the same club also paid Britney Spears $350,000 for hosting a New Years Eve party there. Britney was expected to deliver speeches, and even perform at the club.

Kim Kardashian

Tao Nightclub also located in Las Vegas is also known for their celebrity guest appearances; paying Kim Kardashian $50,000 just to show up at the club! In recent years, since the huge success of her appearance, Tao upped the ante and offered Kim a whopping $600,000 to party at Tao for New Years Eve! Tao Night club charged $225 just in admission fee – ridiculous!

Pamela Anderson

Tao Nightclub also paid Pamela Anderson $110,000 for her appearance at the club.

Ashley Simpson and Pete Wentz

Ashley Simpson and Pete Wentz were also paid $150,000 to party it up in Miami at Shore Club.

Selena Gomez

Private events are also another source of revenue to many socialites like Selena Gomez, who raked in an extra $100,000 just for performing at a private event.

Ronald Reagan

Aside from Hollywood celebrities, former presidents are also known for bringing in money for their appearances at events. After retirement, former U.S President Ronald Reagan was known for getting paid to travel around the country and making speeches; this brought in an estimated $50,000 per speech. Gosh, for that amount of cash, you’d have to pay me to keep quiet!

Bill Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton makes anywhere from $100,000 to $350,000 depending on his speaking arrangements. It was also estimated that he made over $31 million dollars after leaving the white house.