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Top Spring Accessories Trend of 2014

/ May 19, 2014

Women have always used accessories to express individual style and indulge in a variety of new and exciting trends. Used to add depth and interesting to your wardrobe and enhance your outfits, accessories trend with the seasons from necklaces to handbags! Take a look at these top trending accessory styles for this 2014 spring.

Gold Adornments

Highlighted on the spring/summer 2014 runways and popular high end fashion magazines, gold jewelry is all the range this spring. From contemporary and classic pieces to extravagant adornments, the gold plated trend pulls an entire look together. Accentuate and stand out this season by rocking adding some sparkle to your wardrobe!

Pretty woman with golden nails and beautiful gold ring

Box Clutches

These small statement pieces are a dramatic addition to any outfit. Similar to a piece of jewelry you hold in your hand, the box clutch is perfect for that elegant date night or fancy party on a roof top. Choose for a variety of sizes, prints, and colors to at a little extra couture to your ensemble.


Round Sunglasses

The perfect pair of sunglasses will always be in vogue during the spring and summer months. This season, round framed sunglasses are all the rage. Take this vintage, hipster style to the beach, the mall, or poolside. Don’t forget your Piña Colada!

Yellow Sunglasses