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Trending: The Classic Rose Gold Watch With A Twist

/ May 2, 2014

The jewelry trend of wearing rose gold has always captured fashion minded people. As the trend eases back in as popular choice this season, you’ll see the delicious rosy metal paired with anything from cream colored bangles to a sophisticated three piece suit.

Designers and jewelers love this pink hued metal for its extreme versatility. Rose gold compliments most skin tones, pares will with a variety of colors, and accentuates any other precious stone that may be added into the arrangement. While rose gold isn’t as classic as say white or yellow gold, it offers a luxuriously vintage and trendy feel to any wardrobe, completing any outfit effortlessly. Perfectly wearable by both men and women, these stylish timepieces are presented with a twist.

Daniel Wellington is the epitome of preppy sophistication in these rose gold watch designs. In this line, the pale copper colored metal surrounds an elegant egg shell white clock face. Don’t settle for anything but perfect with this water poof, slim fitting design. The Daniel Wellington Brand also offers express worldwide shipping, so get yours today!

Birline takes a trendy approach to the rose gold watch with their Color Rush line. The everyday lifestyle watch pairs this delicate shade with pastel colored bands featuring whimsical names like Loudwater, High Beach, and Oxshott for a stylish twist to this fashionable time telling ornament. Sharpen your fashion sense today by embracing Birline’s offer of free world wide shipping.