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Top 10 Richest Video Game Companies

, / December 10, 2014

4) Sega (Value: $4.9 Billion)

Sega is valued at $4.9 billion. It moved ahead of its competition by housing Sonic the Hedgehog, the blue rodent. It is now focused on collaborating with other companies. It has partnered with its former competitor Nintendo, and has launched an all-new trend of crossover titles; like franchise of Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games.


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3) Nintendo ($6.28 Billion)

Valued at $6.28 billion, Nintendo has a history of 125 years. It is an experienced player in the industry. Mario, Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda are some of its popular franchises. Nintendo was founded in 1889 and has its headquarters in Kyoto, Japan.


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