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Top 10 Richest Video Game Companies

, / December 10, 2014

6) Namco Bandai (Value: $4.74 Billion)

Valued at $4.74 billion, Namco Bandai is a well-known name in the gaming industry. It has created popular series like Tekken and Naruto. This game developer, publisher and manufacturer is based in Japan.

Namco Bandai

Barone Firenze /

5) Activision Blizzard (Value: $4.85 Billion)

Activision Blizzard is a major player in the gaming industry. It is valued at $4.85 billion. Call of Duty series is its most famous franchise. Immensely popular role-playing game World of Warcraft is Activision Blizzard’s offering.

Activision Blizzard