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Richest People in Kenya

/ March 3, 2015

Kenya has produced many millionaires. In fact it is East Africa’s largest economy. It gets good revenue from tourism. It has vast agricultural land; and oil, which was discovered recently.

Here is the t0p 5 richest people in Kenya as of 2015.

1) Bhimji Depar Shah & Family – Net Worth: $700 Million

Bhimji Depar Shah is the founder of Bidco Industries, which is one of the largest manufacturers of edible oil in Tanzania. The annual revenue of the company is more than $500 million.

Bhimji Depar Shah & Family

2) Naushad Merali – Net Worth: $550 Million

Kenyan millionaire investor, Merali is the founder of the Sameer Group, a Kenyan conglomerate with interests in construction, agriculture, property, IT and finance.

Naushad Merali

3) Uhuru Kenyatta – Net Worth: $500 Million

Uhuru’s is the second known richest person in Kenya. He is the president of Kenya and the son of the country’s first president. He owns the nation’s biggest dairy company, vast tracts of land and host of other companies in various industries like jewelry, media, transport, finance, agriculture, banking and real estate.