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Top 20 Richest Neighborhoods in America 2015

, / December 27, 2014

5) Carderock-The Palisades in Potomac, Maryland

Mean Household Income: $595,669

Carderock-The Palisades in Potomac is 73.6 percent white, 16.1 percent Asian, 5.6 percent Latino and 3 percent black. This rich neighborhood is located along the Potomac River.

4) Old Cutler-Hammock Oaks in Coral Gables, Florida

Mean Household Income: $596,851

This neighborhood stretches 14.9 miles. Old Cutler-Hammock Oakes is 47.9 percent white, 47.7 percent Latino and 1.5 percent black.

3) Potomac Manors in Potomac, Maryland

Mean Household Income: $599,331

Potomac Manors is 78.1 percent white, 17.7 percent Asian, 5.7 percent Latino and 1.3 percent black. This small neighborhood has just 42 custom-built luxury homes.

2) Bradley Manor-Longwood in Bethesda, Maryland

Mean Household Income: $599,440

These neighborhoods are located northwest of Washington D.C. Bradley Manor-Longwood is 80 percent white, 8.4 percent Asian, 5 percent Latino and 3.3 percent black.

1) The Golden Triangle in Greenwich, Connecticut

Mean Household Income: $614,242

The Golden Triangle is 87.3 percent white, 7.4 percent Asian, 2.5 percent Latino and 1.9 percent black. This neighborhood is well-known for its remarkable amount of open space.

The above-mentioned rich neighborhoods continue to evolve in terms of racial diversity.