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Top 20 Richest Neighborhoods in America 2015

, / December 27, 2014

Ranked by Stephen Higley, a professor emeritus of urban social geography at the University of Montevallo. He has created Higley 1000, a list of the highest income neighborhoods in the United States of America.

Here is a brief overview of the top 20 richest neighborhoods in America as of 2014, ranked according to their mean household income.

20) Jupiter Island in Marin County, Florida

Mean Household Income: $493,705

Celine Dion and Tiger Woods have their homes here. Jupiter Island is 88.5 percent white, 6.9 percent Latino, 2.6 percent Asian and 2 percent black.

19) McLean Country Estates in McLean, Virginia

Mean Household Income: $498,944

McLean Country Estates is 81 percent white, 10.7 percent Asian, 4.8 percent Latino and 0.7 percent black. It is a small community with only 30 single family homes.

18) Beverly Park-Beverly Crest in Los Angeles, California

Mean Household Income: $502,440

Many wealthy celebrities and businessmen live here. Beverly Park and Beverly Crest are 80.5 percent white, 6.5 percent Asian, 4.8 percent Latino and 3.3 percent black.

17) Hunting Valley in Cleveland, Ohio

Mean Household Income: $507,214

Hunting Valley is 94.3 percent white, 2.7 percent Latino, 1.1 percent Asian and 0.6 percent black. The population of this rich neighborhood is just over 700.

16) Round Hill-North Greenwich in Greenwich, Connecticut

Mean Household Income: $510,848

Many hedge fund managers and financiers live her. Round Hill-North Greenwich is 97.5 percent white, 2.4 percent Latino and 0.1 percent black.