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Richest Fashion Designers in the World 2015

, / January 1, 2015

The worth of fashion designers is enormous. Of course that’s partly due to the fact that they’ve been existing for a very long time, have invested in other companies and have expanded their emporium with new lines and brands. That’s not just it, some designers just know how to build value and worth in their companies and are true business people. Read on to find out who’s number 1.

Richest Fashion Designers in the World as of  2014:

#10: Pierre Cardin – $723 Million

Italian born, this French fashion designer is the classic of the classic. Pierre Cardin is world famous for his designs and his disregard for women’s body shapes. His geometric shapes and motives resulted in a unisex collection. A couple of words for this designer are: innovative, not always practical and style icon. Pierre_Cardin_Designer