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Top 20 Richest Asian American Celebrities 2015

/ January 1, 2015

Asian Americans have made so much contribution in Hollywood. Some Asian American celebrities have become very rich. The stars on the list are of Asian descent.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, below is the top 20 richest Asian American celebrities as of 2015.

20) Masi Oka ($5 Million)

This Japanese-American actor and digital effects artist is best known for his role as Hiro Nakamura in the television series Heroes and as coroner Max Bergman in CBS’ Hawaii Five-0.


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19) Daniel Dae Kim ($6 Million)

The actor made his fortune through his various roles in movies, television and voice acting in video games. He is best known for his roles as Jin-Soo Kwon in Lost, Chin Ho Kelly in Hawaii Five-0.

Daniel Dae Kim Net Worth

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