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Top 10 most popular apps for the iOS

/ October 18, 2018

Here is the list of the most useful apps on the market:


Applications are the entertainment of the future, just as smartphones are the PCs of the present. The astonishing variety of titles you can find is definitely mind-blowing, and certainly, most of them have an insanely amount of quality that separates them from the rest. There is virtually an app for every need you could possibly have. Need help to find a specific street or avenue? No problem, there are probably a thousand of their type in the app store.


Want a quick and fun game? Again, millions and millions of options are available for you. This means that, with this over-abundance of options, there is plenty of crap in the ocean too. But usually, the most popular apps are all the best from the best and are absolutely essential in your apps arsenal. They will help you a great  deal.


  1. Facebook:

    The giant of social media, this app is even more quintessential than many apps that come with the IOS itself. It is a great, easy-to-use, and modern variety of the standard version of the website. It lets you stay informed about your friends and family in every place you find yourself.

  2. Snapchat:

    It´s amazing how an app that was declared as a certain failure when it launched has managed to become the most used app by millennials. The simplicity of the idea combined with the fun that sharing your memories brings helped Snapchat skyrocket to the second spot.

  3. Youtube:

    The #1 video sharing website there is, although it has drastically lowered its quality. It has been related to the iPhone since its very existence, and now that it is not in the set of native apps of the iPhone anymore, it still remains immensely popular.

  4. Instagram:

    The app which makes you think you are a professional photographer, this photo sharing application has grown into a social media application of its own. It is the most popular one of his nature and has been acquired by the giant Facebook for about $1 billion in cash and stock.

  5. Skype:

    While most instant messaging apps nowadays have the feature of video calling, no other app is so well-known by this than Skype. Although there are plenty of other options, this one continues to be the best by far.

  6. Whatsapp Messenger:

    The king of instant messaging applications. It works in almost every existing platform, whether it is on IOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and Nokia. It is absolutely free and it has over 1 billion users. Just recently, Facebook has bought the company for the astonishing amount of $19.3 billion.

  7. Find my iPhone:

    This app is more useful than most of the apps on this list, although you never want to be in a position to use it. But whether you like it or not, you have to admit it is an essential piece of safety measure that can potentially save you from an unpleasant moment.

  8. Google Maps:

    The undisputable king of navigation apps. This is a very practical tool that will be of a lot of help while driving or walking through your city. Developed by the giant Google, it is still one of the most popular apps around.

  9. Twitter:

    This app has gradually grown to be the number one source of news for people, both by the easy accessibility it provides, and the fact that the most famous entities and celebrities use it regularly.

  10. Itunes U:

    A great initiative from Apple to give free educational content for those who may not be able to acquire them in any other way. It offers seminars given in universities and a lot of additional content.