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A $3,000 Platinum Toothbrush from Foreo

/ June 7, 2014

Foreo is an established brand in the beauty industry. This innovative company is offering a limited edition line of its new electric toothbrush model. The Issa Platinum and Gold are priced at $3,000 and $2,000 respectively. These are so exclusive that only one of each are manufactured.


The Issa Platinum toothbrush comes with non-abrasive ultra-hygienic bristles. These bristles dry quickly, thereby preventing the spread of harmful bacteria. The toothbrush is ergonomically designed. The 3D flexibility of the head adapts to any tooth surface. It curves to the shape of the mouth. The result is thorough cleaning of the teeth. In fact the Swedish manufacturer says that these models clean the teeth gently and effectively.

You need not replace the brush head for one year. The battery life is extraordinary. You can enjoy 365 uses per full charge. If you are seeking luxury in your dental routine, these toothbrushes are just right for you! The regular model is priced at $199.