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NFL practice squad salary

, , / May 9, 2016


A practice squad player is a player signed by a team most commonly in the American football and doesn’t form part of the team’s roster. They are meant to serve as extra players during the team’s training. As we all know September is quickly approaching and this definitely means we are likely to experience major changes in the NFL training camps countrywide. By September first, teams are expected to have trimmed their squads to a maximum of 75 players and later up to 53 players by the fifth of September. Though this will mark the end of NFL practice, a selected few players (10 players) different from the final squad of 53 will have a chance to extend their time at the training camp as an NFL practice squad. The NFL practice squad is composed 10 young and promising players to whom the team is willing to invest in for future.Teams can as well consider signing their former players in the practice sqaud.

Though players selected in the NFL practice squad are usually involved in similar practice and work out as the main team, they do not enjoy the same financial benefits nor do they play in the games as players enlisted in the final roster. This then means that the average NFL practice squad salary is likely to be lower than the salary paid to the 53 roster players. So what is an average NFL practice squad salary and what determines the average NFL practice squad salary? Let’s have a look.
Players in the practice squad normally receive paychecks on a weekly basis.

Though the NFL practice squad salary is not high as the final roster player an average NFL practice squad salary as at 2015 allowed a practice squad player to take home a minimum of $6,600 on a weekly basis. On a yearly basis, an average practice squad salary would surpass the $100,000 mark.

The values given here are the minimum NFL practice players salary. Teams are however allowed to raise the salaries to a value that they consider fit for their practice squad. In most occurrences most practice players benefit from this clause in the event that other teams comes sniffing for a practice squad player. In the event of such an occurence the team he turns up for has to increase his weekly pay in order to hold onto him. All NFL practice squad salaries are usually counted under the salary cap of the team and hence it becomes easy to manipulate the value as the team wishes.
Most NFL teams in America would however be willing to raise the average practice player salary in order to get the best practice players as well as to outcompete their competitors on the bset available practice players. This is based on the attribute that their are rules governing the qualification of a player as a practice player which might not be that permissive to all the teams.
In summary, the NFL practice squad salaries are equally competitive and attractive as compared to the normal wages paid within America.